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Saturday, January 23, 2010

the dark garden

I was pissing in the dark garden


with my throat still raw from screaming

blood scoured my veins

I started to itch all over

each time I opened my mouth

a long veil wriggled in a little farther

I kept my foot on the brake all the way

as yolk oozed from my shoe

surface stretched

dark stains soiled my laughter

everywhere everything sounded the way

it looked

in accordance with legend

I hurled my eye with a David Sling

earth moved and I lengthened my stride

thinking: its just words...

can't mistake them for anything


constitution pollution white trash mutation

with a mouth like an alarm clock crying daily

for sacked pillars and plastic fruit

or just kneeling under some porker's purse


with dream silk slipping through my feeble thimbles

I kept mocking christmas trees in parking lots

beneath an unmastered metalic fly~eyed curse

I buried my backtalk in a time capsule but lost the map

and the schedule

I sowed my oats against the grain

under pressure from controlling interests

its all theater now

there’s nobody behind the curtain

this much is clear

my voice will never sound more human