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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


inoffensive corpse
fire of sand infinitesimal city
explosion of daylight in the eyeless swimmer
through the earth's clay
you ceremony of memory
our human light burning humid human words
for a basket of subterranean abandonment
you journeyer...who sings and grows
the names of flowers in silence
our bones begin to speak for themselves without
the body~tomb breaks open its rotten seed pod
surrounded by loneliness no longer
goodbye goodbye my love
of darkness and terror
goodbye my love of doubt
storms of nameless obligations
we are islands
out to sea
century by century
with our constant fervor
stone apple black earth oilstorm
goodbye my love of love and the rarified air

Thursday, July 17, 2008

three by D

bone nest

birthing the tranquil dream it may dawn
the best way to proceed is with this rote
disinterested elan

that everyone can adapt
to their own salvation

a well cooked meal only smart monkeys
can do on a regular
rotation and at the same

time spit oil and polish the bowl
give your attention to the man in the nook
you may someday rue the path you took

come to me
and I’ll backfill the hole

look upon the products of consciousness
sparks chipped and spitting in the bone nest


standing wave

a stylite on a standing wave
measuring a seaworn arc of amber
dealt rain when starlight vanished in a skull

nature in a straw wisp blows
poison up a blue neck
this was old mayday

the bone flutes came out
and everybody flat on mother
photos and digital fumes and vegetable diesel

young in a decade chariot
a hoplite shits a tin slat skirt
at a man in a lantern winkie puts out

a switch of scorched wicker
whiles the streak wind-devil
cutting sand

waiting for a dwarf to
appear on the parapet
announcing his arrival

shroud and sigher over wire
tempt you to give over
to a higher power


insects in freefall

ground cover under the climbing fusion fruit
covering ground over pearls in aqua caves
send e-mails to any hidden camera shy
leaves falling from books in a laundry chute

eternal round of life and retort in a quark minute
the barbed spike and water green rose’s palm
mothering square feet of decay
breathing on the face of everything in it

around the world zephyr harmattan and sirocco fly
in local time little bugs in the biome
pruning the wave that curls space and crashes
the horizon and seeps upward through the sky

then the insects sing of a legendary carapace
retaining the memory of their fall from grace

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


tomorrow tomorrow... my mindless narcotic
i plunge tragically into your plutonomy
as long as god is pecuniary
the love of lucre is my sordid desire
it plumps the luckpenny and replaces a toadstone locket
around my neck
all moisture must be removed during mummification
until a thin cake or wafer remains to erase the elastic
it is the story of time
it is a new language:
adding a luster to muscle with a bashful waggle
12 surds per second keep your voice down
upcasts yowl
without recourse
so large
so perfectly white
it was abandoned immediately by the many
but guarded jealously by the few with plenty