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Monday, September 29, 2008

to begin again

i want to begin again
to start over
from a place of unknowing
i often see how far outside
of my body
my head is
and my heart is not
on speaking terms
with my head
but it says:
you will soon bring joy
to someone new in your life
you will have many friends when
you need them
but at no other time
pleasures await you
near the seashore
you will never need to worry
about a steady income
all good fortunes
form a sudden tomorrow
snowblind mountains and skeleton fish
in the ghostly river
lost and found in the spilled milk
of the sudden sunset
and the elastic light
the breathtaking breath taking breath
after breath

Saturday, September 27, 2008


away with mind
on clouds of forgetfulness!
how satisfying it is
to be here now
under a watchful moon
how ever miraculous the days
as purposeless as ever
but with this difference
where purposelessness was doom
and lack
is now a river
where once grew must
and should and ought
is now is and be and now
where fears' brambles and vines
once sought a host
wildflowers now bloom

oh light and air
you wondrous meaningless things!
to me and us you give yourselves
with no end no gain
in mind
from celestial heights
to lowliest earth
you the masters
the teachers of love!


I was unprepared
to stand in this garden
to bask
in the forgotten warmth
of unveiled sun

your miracle
is love's eternal spring
which heeds
neither mind
nor season

stubborness & tenderness

lunatic wine
stubborness and tenderness
together forever
in a silence
from seed to planet
to star
the moonless night
a sprig of dust
spiced with a spike of salt

Sunday, September 21, 2008


goldfish belly up
wrap it in newspaper now
and throw it away

Saturday, September 20, 2008

#1952        20080919

Oozing over
      each thin cloud
Sweet honey sun
Drips down to Earth and
Rolls behind the hill;
Good night sun.