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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swallowing The Moon

I swallow the night air and the sea,
white logs on the beach and waves
like breath, after-waves an exhale
I swallow the the moon above,
moonlit clouds, these continents
spread before us

Even the jumble of driftwood,
bleached bones of the shore,
exude a power to restore
order and breath,
life to the feelings of death
an antidote to the poison of violence
I regurgitate now upon the shore
to the sky, to the moon
feel embraced in return

we've become the landscape
here among the drift logs
something eternal in the temporal
death an impossible inevitability
a long-off promise
washed out to sea
lost among the grains of sand
or held ransom by the moon

- written in response to the movie
The Incredible Hulk

Monday, June 23, 2008

in the land of tee vee

last night i remembered another movie that i didn't watch
it was about sentimental killers
who loved their children good food and the church
but who trusted no one and called it wisdom
i wrote about it in an abandoned castle
one that had hummingbirds at empty windows
and a breeze that swept the bare porches with sunshine
how much money could be made once the money started flowing?
this question was both the first and last lines
framing law enforcement squads who appeared in the middle of the night
like rocknroll like small town america
every terrorist had 2 faces
and machines that erased everything from people's lives
how much evil went into that masterpiece?
women and children learned from their mistakes...
the nations learned nothing and lost their souls in the bloodbaths
and i saw the cold war heat up as soon as it was cold
it was a civil war again
it was a story
it was a story we have all heard before
we were ten years old
and we were all wrong again
the evil turned into goodness
the straw turned into gold
and the supermarkets gave all the food away for free~
once again
it was a typical night in the land of tee vee....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1929          20080621

Determining the radius to the fire
Factoring in wind direction
     and the allowable variance for comfort
2*R*pi/normal human width
     - area of wind direction =
Seating capacity.
R = stick length for bratwurst.
pie(fruit in season) = Yum(My pie-hole);
Summer Solstice calculations at South Beach.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beween Silence and Thought

(a stream of consciousness poem)

She squeezes between silence
and her own thoughts
I am outside
looking in
somewhere beyond words
is where our hearts meet
bone by bone
muscle by muscle
and you there in your raincoat
drenched in higher thought
the night
has blown me away
with a single kiss
but not without taking note
of you

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Out of necessity
and poverty and under
pain of excommunication
some ethiopian monks fast
for 200 days each year...
I have learned to fast
for 30 days
and I will starve myself to death
in disneyland
before I kiss anyone's ass