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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Sand Opera

the sand opera's sunset jazz

a sullen femininity in denial

of night's black addictions

hungry junkie a pirate shaman

towering above the star's web

like a vintage exit that opens its parachute

over an abacus of distraction



with other unities’ multiplicities

the trophies

the beginnings

creeping toward their reflections

on a tiger’s back frozen in fantasies

of food alive in its mouth

the outlaw stigmata

was tattooed to his tongue

he didn’t know any other way

to talk about

being here

he ate meat all along

what difference did killing make

at this point

even fame tasted

the same

after awhile

he died


(for jim caroll, rip)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Floating Dunes

our cosmic equilibrium
a cold flamingo shivering in our hearts
sleeps through the afternoon in mild
the fantastic black bus
on a crash course
moves like a mime through shallow water
with a nosebleed
making a quiet departure in the toxic
sunrise gushing galaxies
with the elegance of a forest being buried
in volcanic ash
the matter is lost in the last light
a solar submarine circles the final island
the rapture in focus
myths plugged in
for our daily dose
of inspiration
we began with a tropical magician
and the earth’s moon caught
with its trousers down
while a homeless monster hunting
with a black cat laughs to himself
thinking: we play with the devil’s marbles
in the floating dunes…

Monday, October 19, 2009

What astonishes me

Now that we don't know where we are

in the collapse…

this boring job...

under the burden of the past...

what astonishes me

is a god

or a mountain

in imagination

that keeps breathing silently

through the wars

while our hands are being watched by the herd

inside the night of our instincts…

I sit still in the dark

timing my heartbeat

to a clock on the wall…


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Once I was almost

afraid to look into your eyes

your sageless pages

your habits and the age

that brought you here

so wrinkled gray

so utterly missing

the apple orchard's farewell

the grain of stone

now liquid calm

yawing in a fallen morning

more storms with cake

look small in the arbitrary


flattering the darling days in monochrome

moonlight footprints the smallest world

in the world

on the way to town

the frightened window

favors the poet

a clock in a box

without boots

I am almost afraid to start talking

slowly rising

I can't see movement or rain

or the night's roots long cold walk

into the light

where is my native land?

my hummingbird nest?

my black and white chessboard

the game’s delight?

slave to the dance

to Sundays

and the abandoned lighthouse

by the sunken garden of the sea

once upon a time

once my once

and only


Thursday, October 8, 2009

the beautiful lamp

I can't access the rules
the tall one
that blocks sunrise
and the red dunes of the world's
blurred footsteps...
who wins a nude pink fortress
or a book within without pagination?
or a samurai rainbow?
it is the dusk of mystery…
I love the non~conformist
painting a self portrait in morning mist
with the lion's kiss
in his left hand...
meanwhile commuters with faith in computers
hover undercover like deceitful
the north star is north of nowhere
hanging vaguely over a silver blue lake on a string...
our habitual carnival
eats twilight in the black kitchen
where the web of stars
full of wanderlust longs for neon
it is because I dare:
the gothic lagoon...
the tiger's red fedora...
the wind's blue eyes...
a warm wasting away
after playtime...
that the temptation never far behind
is selling bread
all in all and none in some...
I underline

I uphold
the beautiful lamp...

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Cold Wind

Through the masks the window

in the coincidences

closes its eyes…

blue mountains in ruins

and silenced beaches remembering

the burning trees

and the oceans' sand art

in surrender…

the armored flesh on the brink

taking a little break

with a quotidian smile

painted on a meadow…

after crying over Eden

comes a chilling offering without

understanding the lessons

we never learned:

the movements in monuments

between 2 minds…

the winter seduction

and its lamp in the cold wind…