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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i thought of you once

the windows are broken
the doors are down
but the room lives on
through our love
i have found meaning
in my life
that did not exist before
as more than a hope
if not a promise
we create these perfect moments together
something between us is completed
like an equation
an algorithm
a proof
as simple and as difficult
as hugging the only person
you could ever love
in my eyes you are perfect
even your doubts
your hesitations
your absences
provide and sustain
my certainty
my only secret from you
is the pain of our partings
i smile encouragement
and hold you in my heart
empty handed
and still i hold on
i thought of you
in everyway imaginable
one day i will walk out
into the world alone
and never return
but as a black bird
who speaks to you in another
from the other side of life
filled with my longing
for you
that not even death
could stifle

for terri clark

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i had a caesarian section during my therapy session
she pulled the child out of my womb drowning in blood
what kind of man are you?
she asks me
as i wipe the blood from its eyes
and recognize myself
with the same look vacillating between stunned dread
and spontaneous joy
for suzann