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Thursday, November 27, 2008

without me

there are distances without space

and a memory can defeat miles
between places seperated
by space
that uttered mutter
of illusion
that precisely that
that confusion
moving through a face
this solid step
that wheel on the pavement
the rumble of mortal solitude
in place
of space
and its silence
that grows its thin skin through language
as it barks around our trunks
i stand beneath a tree without a name
and wonder how to define
you i say i
whom i have seen

without me

Monday, November 24, 2008

this house

no animals are allowed in this house
except for pets
i stood in the yard and looked up
at the big dipper
the same stars i saw when i was a child
i am childless
or else my children are strangers
i do not travel
i go to the city
i share a bed with a woman
but we do not touch
i work for money
that is insufficient to pay for my rent
and my food and clothing
so i beg borrow and steal
every chance i get
i use credit
which depresses my spirit
i owe more than i will ever repay
i have a degree that is worthless
i make art that is never seen
or sold
i have no hope for anything i haven't
already lost
i bring plants indoors
and forget to water them
i have dreams and visions
of the future which is blank
i have friends who are not friends
i love my lover for all the wrong reasons
the weather is strange we no longer
have four seasons
i feel hypnotized and polarized
disprized and super~sized
in a culture of liars i live my lies
just like all the others
i am finally ready to die
in this house that is not my house

Saturday, November 22, 2008

#1973  20081122

Hurrying across the road
In front of the headlights
A covey of
    alder leaves
Tumbles in the gust;
Safe and sound
in the culvert.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


balancing on a fir branch hanging over the parkinglot
half moon tilted bowl
filled to the brim with liquid gold

i wish you were here to see it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


the voice in the down spout at three am old familiar you speaking imperceptible secrets all the mumbles in the world's rubble crying in hysterical whispers buried beneath an inch of water i understand only a few moments in a life that dreams it is passing itself without touching but is audible behind the beating drums my hair and my hands betrayed you my bad breath my thoughts running riot in the rain my skin flakes off my scalp holding a splitting headache together foot in a vice a shoe in a soul none of it laying lazily on a tounge used over the hour paged and alarmed rehearsed by now all at once always it is all of sudden and it speaks in a downpour and drizzles through the gray sun there is talk of a gun a son of a son once more once it is begun the pile at the footprint the stint of rash regaling before the night quits and the whistles scream i cannot sleep i cannot dream

Friday, November 7, 2008

to approximate meaning

despite doubt
a token
at best
not a niche worth defending
or a reason
for being written
a no~show
a wedding's refugee
a landscape that looks undeveloped
from the asphalt road
but ironically the No Trespassing signs
give it away
an utter lack furthermore no music neither
paragraphs that try
to end dead
and solemn
witness this
insanity that died in poverty
at 4 he met with and spoke to
one of them anyway
in a vision of delusion
raptured over
with piffle